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Carolina Asphalt Services exists to provide the best quality sealcoat, line striping, and other asphalt services to businesses and residents in Greenville County and the Upstate of South Carolina. We are a family owned and operated small business, and this allows us to provide excellent customer service and superior products, all at a reasonable cost.

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As automobiles are the most common means of everyday transportation, customers appreciate having a smooth, well-kept surface to drive and park their cars on. Having a “nice-looking” parking lot or driveway may not seem like it should be an important aspect for a business – after all, the customer is not coming to you because they like your parking lot, they come to you because they are looking for the products or services you provide – BUT it can actually be a major detriment to your business if customers pull in and see a crumbling, cracked, and poorly kept parking lot and driveway. This can also include poorly done paint jobs where the parking spots are not visibly marked or are not equally spaced as needed, making it hard for as many cars to fit as are supposed to and allowing more potential for accidents and poor traffic flow. Customers appreciate that you are helping make their visit easier and more carefree with something as “small” as a good parking lot and driveway, and are looking out for their safety and care of their vehicles. Proper care and maintenance of asphalt surfaces on private property, such as driveways and other asphalt areas can be extremely important, as well. Walking on an unkempt asphalt surface can be extremely treacherous and dangerous (especially if wearing heels or other shoes that aren’t flat!) and pose risk of injury to yourself or guests on your property (which can then lead to liability issues!). This is on top of the damage that can be done to your vehicle, as discussed previously with business settings.
Customers notice a parking lot with freshly painted parking lot stripes, clearly marked handicap accessible entrances, and obvious directional signs. Just as you would ensure your own home’s lawn was freshly, beds weeded, and bushes pruned, your business parking lot should reflect the same care. Simply put, having bright, bold parking lot line striping could attract more customers to your business, and create a more pleasant environment for your current and prospective customers.

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